Italian-made quality.

Mhouse makes installing gate automation easy.

The exclusive Ebus system is as simple as connecting two wires.

Residential gates

Super Easy Install

  • The ECSBus system allows for easy installation of accessories (such as photocells and keypads) with one connection
  • Features adjustable, timed automatic closing function, as well as partial opening function
  • Easy installation and programming
  • Auto-diagnostic system identifies and immediately signals any connection errors or malfunctions
  • Auto-programming feature automatically calculates the most suitable operating parameters for each gate

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Installing accessories like keypads and photocells using ECSbus is super easy. ECSbus technology allows devices to be connected using a single “bus” cable using colour-coded connectors (each accessory has its own colour). Just plug it in an away you go. Read more in the Installation Manual. 

Installer Friendly

Simple to install - if you're in the trade or a handy DIYer

Material Cast Aluminium Base
Voltage  (VAC)  24 V
Unit Weight  (kg)  7 kg
Load Rating  (kg)  500 kg
Duty Cycle  (%)  20
Working Temperature  (°C)  -20 to +50
Protection Rating  (IP)  44
Thrust  (N)  340


Safety Kit: Motor, 2 remotes, pair motion sensors
Sliding gate motor, 24V, rated to 550kg. 


Intro Kit: Motor, 2 remotes
Sliding gate motor, 24V, rated to 550kg. 


Safety Kit: Motor, 2 remotes, pair motion sensors, external transformer.
Sliding gate motor, 24V, 550kg. 


Intro Kit: Motor, 2 remotes, external transformer
Sliding gate motor, 24V, rated to 550kg. 

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