The discreet height of the motor allows it to be installed between the gate leaf and the ground. 

for residential swing gates

Easy install

Check out the dedicated Mhouse website

Solar Compatible

Compatible with solar kit (purchased separately) to eliminate the need for power at the gate.


Installing accessories like keypads and photocells using ECSbus is super easy. ECSbus technology allows devices to be connected using a single “bus” cable using colour-coded connectors (each accessory has its own colour). Just plug it in an away you go. Read more in the Installation Manual. 

Installer Friendly

Simple to install - if you're in the trade or a handy DIYer

Voltage  (VAC)  24
Unit Weight  (kg)  15
Load Rating  (kg)  400
Torque  (Nm)  120 (250 peak)
Duty Cycle  (%)  80
Working Temperature  (°C)  -20 to +50
Openings per hour 60
Protection Rating  (IP)  67


Twin motors, 1 remote


Twin Motors, 2 Remotes, 2 Obstacle Sensors, Signal Booster with Warning Light

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